I bought a CHI air from folica.com. when i received it i was disappointed in the overall quality of the product.

There were some cosmetic flaws i wasnt happy with. The plug on the flat iron had me questioning its authenticity so i called folica customer service and was told my iron was authentic and they changed the plug on the new version/chi home because the gfci plug was no longer necissary. I phoned farouk systems for a second opinion and they said, given the serial number, it was authentic but because i bought it from folica, they urged me to return the item and buy from an authorized dealer. Folica is not an authorized dealer.

Folica told me they were. A list of authorized dealers can be found on www.farouk.com. This is NOT a "buyers beware" reveiw however, I personally will not shop at folica again. I want the peice of mind that im getting a quality peice for the price.

The return shipping was also 25 bucks which i am not impressed about. I should be getting a refund for shipping aswell since i was unhappy with the overall product in the first place

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